Estate Planning

Estate planning shouldn't be a near-death experience, if you want it done tax-effectively. Don’t be one of the 50% of Australians who die without a will.

Argent Street will help you determine how your assets and life should be managed in the event of your death or incapacitation. Be in control of the distribution of your assets by establishing an estate plan with someone from the team at Argent Street.

The planning process for each person will vary depending on their individual circumstances.

The basic elements of estate planning include:

  • Determining your wishes in case of death
  • Recognising any implications connected with these wishes
  • Applying necessary measures so that your wishes are carried out
The expert tax advisers at Argent Street can provide the following services to aid your estate planning:
  • Protecting your wealth while you are alive, if you should lose capacity and upon your death. This involves protecting your wealth from any predators or creditors and minimising any intrusion of tax.
  • Keeping your wealth within your family while ensuring that there are no disputes amongst your family members. If you have beneficiaries with special needs, they will also be protected.
  • Paying extra attention to your specific wishes, from inheritances to any philanthropic inclusions.

To find out more about estate planning, contact Argent Street today